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Date Posted: 9/25/2017
Job Title: Equipment Sales Consultant
Location: DeMotte Fowler Valparaiso
Summary: We are currently searching for Equipment Salesmen to grow our Sales Department. 

If you have previous experience selling equipment, or other large ticket items; or have sold other products to ag producers; we would be interested in talking to you.

You may submit your resume to our Sales Manager by clicking the link below.
Please also see the position’s job description below.
Department: Sales
Reports To: Sales Manager
Supervises: None
Job Function:

Sales Representative - 

To represent the Company to the current and potential customers for the purpose of selling equipment and also promoting the value provided by dealing with the company.

Job Essential Duties:

  1. Represents the company for the sale of machinery to customers in a defined sales area.
  2. Must keep current on product knowledge, features and benefits of all equipment potentially saleable by the company.
  3. Keep abreast of Deere sales incentive programs to promote increased sales.
  4. Keep abreast of competitive activity and competitive products.  Keep abreast of trends in our customer’s business that will affect the products these customers will buy today and into the future.
  5. Maintain, as directed by the Sales Manager, current and complete Sales Management information for all customers in the assigned territory.
  6. Maintain company vehicle and other equipment (e.g. computer) as assigned.
  7. Conduct field demonstrations to promote increased sales.
  8. Maintain in good, usable and current condition (electronic and/or paper as directed) all manuals, price lists and other documents given the individual by the company.  Accurately complete all documents related to sales transactions.
  9. Have a good knowledge of used equipment values and be able to evaluate properly for trading purposes.
  10. Work in conjunction with Sales Manager, responsible for follow-up and expediting of complete good orders in which they have sold.
  11. Complete all paperwork associated with the sale of complete goods in a timely and efficient manner.
  12. Responsible for communicating effectively with the Service Department(s) on setup, delivery and repair of sold equipment.
  13. Provide customer follow-up after the sale and delivery of a purchase to ensure customer satisfaction and promote the relationship with the customer to achieve customer loyalty.

Skills & Qualifications:

  1. Good understanding of local conditions with a knowledge of sale and resale values of particular machinery.
  2. Must be a self starter.
  3. Good communication and inter-personal skills.
  4. Good computer skills.
  5. Ability to negotiate customer complaints to a satisfactory resolution.
  6. Associate degree or equivalent in work experience.

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